Board of Governors: 

  • Firman Aji  (Founder and Chair, Board of Governors)
  • Atet Sugiharto (Member, Board of Governors)
  • Idham Ibty (Member, Board of Governors)
Board of Internal Control:

  • Idham Ibty  (Chief,  Internal Control Division)
  • Fatah Adjie (Deputy Chief,  Internal Control Division)
Board of Directors:

  • Atet Sugiharto  (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Fatimah Sari Nasution  (Executive Secretary)
  • Nenny Kurnia Noersal (Chief Financial Officer)

Project Officers:

  • Bakhtiyar Salam  (International Education)
  • Budi Prastyo  (National Education)

Public Relation Manager:

  • Arum Fadillah (Public Relations Manager)

Admin and Technical Support:

  • Haryanto (Manager Administration and Technical Support)