Yayasan PADI (The PADI Foundation) is a non-profit development organization committed to improving the well-being of disadvantaged Indonesians through promoting innovations that benefit the target population. We aim to achieve this objective through our three core programs:

  1. Promoting conducive policy and regulatory environment for innovation;
  2. Building capacity of local partners through implementation of innovative programs; and
  3. Evaluating the impact and sustainability of innovative programs.

Our commitment is based on collective experience of over three decades working on development issues in the social and economic sectors. Founded in Bogor, Indonesia, on August 17, 2014, and registered under SK Menhukham No. AHU-04981.50.10.2014, the Foundation works with public and private partners and receives and welcomes funding from a diverse group of bilateral and multilateral development agencies, foundations, corporations, and individuals.